Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Top 10 ROOTED Android App-2018 Try It

 1. Adfree and Adaway

Definitely, you guy’s are always found this problem on your Android Device. The Problem is none other than Ads & popups. Ya, that’s what I am talking about. The Ads in nowadays are common for every Android users. Some time Android user face many ads because of scam apps or the apps which are created only for making money with ads. Sometimes, our favorite app & website have an Ads, which are very irritating at the time of browsing.
Adfree has a solution to your problem. The Adfree is one of the best rooted Android app and free Ads blocker at this time. I would like to suggest you download and use Adfree once. Adfree is a simple app for Android Operating System that modified the system files and redirects the Advertisements & Irritating Ads.


2 .BusyBox

Like ROM ToolBox, BusyBox is also the best Android Root application, which every user should once installed on the computer. It will help you to manage Android device fully and control the device with your fingertips. Only you have to do is Root your Android device and install the Busy Box application on your Android Phone. The BusyBox allows you to Backup all data, uninstall pre-loaded apps, and safety check for missing operating system files. If you had not yet installed the Busy Box Android app, you must give it a try. The app is popular in every single techie guy, because of it’s awesome features and tasks. BusyBox is a Software Application for Android phone which performs the various Unix Tools. It is the most used and 5 Stared best rooted Android App which I am using since I have started using Android Phone. Get BusyBox Android App now, and do whatever you like to do with the Rooted Android Device.

                          DOWNLOAD BUSYBOX PLAY STORE 

3.Lucky Patcher

There are so many functions in this app which will allow you to exploit any App or Games. It will also allow you to uninstall the pre-loaded system apps. Other than gaming and premium apps, Lucky Patcher allowed you to block the unwanted Advertisements and working as an Adblocker.

Lucky Patcher App is popular among the users which are addicted to Gaming and Premium apps. The Lucky Patcher app allows users to modify and customize the Android APK applications. Some of the popular games are hacked by the Lucky Patcher like Clash of Clans and Candy Crush. Sometimes the Lucky Patcher Android Rooted App is used to Bypass the license verifications. It’s the best-rooted android application for game lovers and pro app users.


Battery backup is the most important feature of the Android phone. Everyone needs more than 5000+ mAH in nowadays. Greenify is the Application which allows you to manage the Battery Backup of the Android Phone. There is 100+ application available in the Market, but believe me, Greenify is the most used and trusted the app to improve your Battery Backup on Android Phone. That’s why it is on the list of Best Rooted Android Apps.
The Greenify Android App is available for the non-rooted Android phone too, but the features in the Non-Rooted Android phone is less than the Rooted Greenify App. When I was in my college days, I used it on the non-rooted Android phone, there are lot’s of limitations in the Non-Rooted Phone. It will end up the background process & services which are not used at that time. Check out the Greenify Battery Management app by clicking on the link below


5. SD fix
 problem when you are using your external SD card in KitKat 4.4 and Lollipop operating system? If you don’t know let me clear that the many time I had face problem in SD card of KitKat operating system. SD card was getting locked automatically many times and I am unable to copy and written any of the files on the External card
That’s where the SD Card Fix will help us to modify the commands on your operating system and help you to copy and write data to the SD Card of the KitKat & Lollipop. Before installing the SD Card fix make sure to root Android device. Just simply install SD Fix App and follow the instructions on the screen.
                                      DOWNLOAD SD FIX PLAY STORE                 


Super SU is the future tool for the Android user to access super commands on Android Application. There are lot’s of readers who are already used the SuperSU APK for accessing the super user’s access. It allows the permission for apps which required the root access to tasks. If you are a Root lover then you must have this best rooted Android apps on your phone.

Check out the SuperSU features and tasks, which can be performed easily by any of the beginner techie guys. Temporary Unroot, Super Access Prompt, Complete unroot, and many more things in pro mode.

                                                  DOWNLOAD superSU PLAY STORE

7. WPS WPA WiFi Network Tester (Root)

WPS WPA WiFi Network tester is a tool used by the many network administrators to check their network securities. If you are using Wifi Network at home then you should definitely check out your security at home or Office. You can use the WPS WPA WiFi Tester without rooting the device but it won’t help you get the WPA – WEP – WPA2 Pin.

You need to root the Android device to get the WPA-WEP-WPA2 Pin. This app allows the users to do a Pin Bruttleforce in a different way to get the Pin. Many times, pro hacker also use the app to hack wifi easily.


                  DOWNLOAD WPS WPA WiFi Network Tester (Root)

8. Terminal Emulator

Terminal Emulator Android app will help the candidates to perform Linux command shell on the Android Phone.
 You can easily access Android inbuilt Linux command line shell. Here are the some of the features: Fully Linux Terminal Emulation, Multiple Windows, and much more.
Note that the App is available for the Rooted Android device. 
The app doesn’t help you to root the Android device or changing the IMEI of your Android phone. Note that, sometimes you may lose your IMEI number because of wrong technique. Don’t worry you can backup your IMEI using Mobile uncle tool.

9. Xprivacy

there are lots of scam applications which will leak your Private data or anything that is private to you. 
Xprivacy is the app which will let you do the task of privacy. The better privacy means, better protection of Android device. 
It will help you to keep your sensitive data safe from the hacker & unknown apps.
If you want that, any of your apps don’t access your contact itself, then you can set the privacy by using the Xprivacy Android app. 
The Android app will only work perfectly when you have a rooted android device. This is one of the best rooted Android apps, which you should use once in the life.

10. WiFi Kill App (Root Required)

Basically, the WiFi Kill Android app work as the controller of the WiFi Network. You can control the all the device which are connected to the WiFi Network. First of all, you need a Rooted android device after that connect to the WiFi network and wait for the device which is on the same network. You can perform different tasks such as kill the other device network.
You can also monitor the activity doing by the other persons which are connected to the same networks. The app is one of the best rooted android apps because you don’t require special skills to perform the tasks. You can see the IP addresses of the devices which are connected to the same 

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